Sunday, May 29, 2011

The debate of our generation: Lebron vs. MJ as told by Scottie Pippen

This was the quote that started the ball rolling. I kinda guess like the tea tax of yester-year that launched the American revolution, this is our teachable moment. Where were you when Scottie Pippen said what he said. For those of you who were under the proverbial rock when the statement rolled off poor Scottie's lips and hit the online sports world like a Iron Mike's punch, - Can Lebron James be mentioned in the same sentence as the demigod Michael Jeffery Jordan? And moreover, can it even be uttered that a young lad from Akron Ohio is better than the living legend?  Well first - listen to the quote then we shall break it down.

Now if I heard this right Scottie clearly stated that MJ was the greatest scorer of all time and that LJ may be the greatest player. Now what does that mean. Once we get over the initial sticker shock that Batman's Robin would ever say anything against the living legend - it could mean just what he says that MJ is the greatest scorer - we all know of MJ's almost mutant like ability to jump higher, hang longer, and seemingly uncanny ability to lose defenders (just ask that guy from Utah and Craig something from Cleveland). But I also remember the nights when MJ scored 39 to 45 (63 against boston) points and still lost by 20 (I'm exaggerating a bit here but you get my drift) to the likes of Bird, Isaiah, Johnson and others.  now fix your face - yes MJ was a loser on Chicago for a min before Scottie and Horace came along and changed his luck. NOW HERE IS MY ARGUMENT: Take it from Scottie's POV- MJ was scoring incredible amounts of points. Making the rim his own personal playground - this guy could score at will. But he still lost and your only as good as your last win.  Compare LJ now - true he does not have 6 rings. (the only fact that disparages the MJ vs. LJ comparisons) but look at the Cleveland teams that went to the finals, they were contenders each year Lebron was on the court - there is one glaring thing missing and which is essential to Scottie's argument - LEBRON has yet to have a Scottie and/or Horace  on his team. If you can name anyone on Cleveland who stands up to those two guys PLEASE NAME THEM. 
This is where Scottie might be right: Lebron has no Robin and damn sure no Alfred to assist him - Proof in point-look at Cleveland now as Dan Gilbert's son won the lottery. One man by himself can make a difference.  I don't believe Jordan had this same effect. True Jordan's sheer force of will and competitive spirit has allowed him to single-handedly outscore teams by himself. And I am not saying Chicago were slouches during this period but you have to admit you went to those games to see how much MJ would score or the dunks he would do a-la Blake griffin more than you were scared the bulls would run your team out of town. those feelings did not begin until Scottie and company came.  Compare the teams. Under this microscope Scottie may have a point.  

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