Sunday, July 31, 2011


You saw the title right I did say the Giants are playing race games and I don't take back talk.  Supporting evidence of race games by the Giants - just look at the recent actions of the club:

1. The handling of the Burress shooting was done in typical NFL and plantation styled tactics. First the mayor chimes in for a guy to get the book thrown at him for shooting himself and not hurting anyone else. Then the team does what seems to be the text book reaction by NFL clubs to distance themselves from the player no matter what and then they cancel the contract and waive the player out of disciplinary and financial reasons.

2. The GM/COACHING position: Now the GM is management and thus there is an inherent disconnect between GM's and Players but wow doesn't seem like the black ones go that extra mile to be that dude? I mean I could be biased but come on now some brothers take the title and the we must enforce the rules of discipline without exceptions.   Now you guys may not have seen the press conference with Tom Coughlin but trust me it was one for the record books. watch it here:

(even Skip Bayless and Jemele Hill knew it was pointless) watch it here:

(check how Bayless supports my contentions) 

Now I never played football for BC but I was there when the Tom-min-nator was there and man we had our run-ins more on the educational side so I know my ball playing friends will come at me and say you never played for dude so how can you have an opinion - well my reaction will be well I never played for John Thompson but that does not preclude me from having an opinion of the man. and actually I spent more time with Mr. Coughlin than I did Mr. Thompson how ironic.  Guys the tough as nails I enforce discipline my way or the highway never worked and never will.  It makes for good sound bites and the owners who see players as products love it and thus folks like Coughlin will always have a job but mutual respect and mutual understanding has proven the test of time to be the only winning formula.  And if you still don't believe me take a look at the Giants front office vs. the Jets or even New England and you will fully understand. In the Jets and Patriots its about the game and getting it done not about bully tactics and master servant cadences.

3. The feeble attempt to woo Plexico back was insulting at best down right pathetic in the worst. What a half heart-ed attempt to land a great player who again did not hurt anyone, actually had a license for the gun but it was not transferred to NY state from his previous state of residence and who was arguably the main reason why the Giants won the Superbowl.

In closing the Jets come in with an offer that says hey here is a million bucks for each of the years you lost and one for this year if you come to a team that wont say it in public but knows that Plexico may be a loud mouth, a bit spoiled and a bit stupid even but he is no criminal, no gun sling-er as mayor Bloomberg made you out to be despite the fact that harden criminals receive lesser sentences everyday and that Plexico is not even shine from bad boy.
Hear from the man himself:

Lets see how the year ends up - but I predict that the Jets will do better than the Giants and the only hurdle the Jets will face will be the Pats as usual. 

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