Sunday, August 28, 2011

Over regulation - massa keep us in line - or am I bugging?

I use this blog to bring information to the table so we can openly discuss and please don't feel that you have to agree with me or even listen to me but please exercise your god given right to share your feelings. With that said I want to highlight a common theme I am sure I have discussed on this blog before and it is over regulation in sports to the point where it hurts the game in two ways:

1. it makes the game boring as hell
2. it is so obvious that these "rules" are tantamount to the black codes - and we all know what those are right.

Today I have two examples I want to share with you taken from today's headlines - so I did not have to dig to far to find these examples:

1. Usian Bolt disqualified -
2. the Big East and new football rules -

In both of these cases you have over regulation that effectively kills all the fun in the game and makes it really hard to enjoy what you are viewing.  In South Korea where Usain was running the man was disqualified for a false start. Really.  Now throughout the history of track and field runners were allowed several false starts without recourse or disqualification.  Now the article states that advertisers are trying to control time and television coverage length.  Now that sounds reasonable and all but at the heart of the policy is over governance that is direct opposition to the nature of the sport.  The only advantage a runner has is the be the first off the block and that requires anticipation of the gun.  and with any thing based on anticipation means there will be some misses and to be disqualified on a false start is a bit crazy.  Imagine if you had paid all that money to see the fastest man alive run and he is disqualified due to a false start is unimaginable.  Also, if runners are overly cautious on starts wont that give an advantage to lesser runners who have nothing to lose if they are disqualified because the majority of viewers came to see the stars perform.  And in track and field a tenth of a second could decide second from first place.  Also if you read between the lines the South Koreans were disappointed and vocal once Bolt was disqualified. Riots no but discontented yes.   

The Big East Article is a must read because the have actually imposed a new rule where you can lose a touch down if you celebrate too much.  This is crazy.  Even the Romans and ancient Greeks and other before them allowed the gladiators to celebrate the kill.  Talk about the pussy-fication of America well here it is in living color.  In my last post Stephen A. Smith agreed with the owner of the Panthers that Cam Newton should not get tattoos so now he must not celebrate a great play too.  We better get the robots ready folks.  What ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE MATTER?

Here is a article from the Chicago times on the matter - So I am not the only one who feels this way.,0,814476.column

Exercise your right to engage in meaningful discussions - say what's on your mind - leave a comment.

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