Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wow bryant gumble never ceases to amaze me.

Now I'm not sure how you feel about Bryant not humble gumble but I for one was kinda down on the brother for you know being stricken by the black man's curse- jungle fever. Member back in the day he dissed the sister for the honkie (in my best George Jefferson voice of course) and never looked back. It was like black women are road kill to this brother and he has his foot pedle to the metal.  But then he created real sports on HBO a sports magazine show that ain't half bad and really does add to the sports conversation in a meaningful way. Now Bryant will be Bryant and show his ass every so often and just when you count him out and think he has retired in the section of Florida marked white women lovers only or Clarence Thomas like only, he comes back with a tantalizing thought provoking tidbit of blackness that makes you think there is still some black fight left in that old dog yet.  Just the other day I opened the ny post to see s headline stating that David stern is upset at gumbles assertion of him. Hence I had to investigate and that was when I found the holy grail of smack downs. Bryant Nat Turner gumble vs. David the good Jew stern and man o man this one was great.  Mr. Gumble perched on his high HBO real sports seat lands the sucker-punch of the decade in Mr. Stern who was clearly caught off guard by his statements. Watch this video and lets discuss:

Do you think Mr. Gumbel is right?

Do you think David Stern is handling the labor lock out correctly?

What are your thoughts in general?

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