Saturday, November 5, 2011

J. Whitlock & blackfan finally agree on some thing

Wow this is a must read. That's all I can say. I agree with Mr. Whitlock on this one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is boise state the new jewel in the big east crown?

 Boise State cleared to join Big East - 

I'm sure your still not under that rock and heard of the mess the big east is in due to defections and opportunistic school administrators but all that aside and yes I am a big east loyalists and was hurt by the news, I am happy to announce that at least one school wouldn't mind joining the big east and its Bosie State. Many pundits on tv were saying that bosie state held all the cards and would be the last ones to come over and they could hold the big east hostage blah blah blah. But from the article above the big easy may have the last laugh. Bear with me for a sec- now I will miss the big east of my youth but that's the past now. So I look forward to the future and I hope the big east follows this path:

1. I hope navy comes with army.

2. I welcome the other full invitees like Houston and the others.

3. But most of all I hope the big east learns s valuable lesson and that it you have to always strive to be the best period and not just in one sport or another. Moreover, the big east must learn that the ACC is not a fellow collegiate conference but a competitor in every sense of the word. Don't sleep on them again. And now it is time to crush them. I hope the big east looks to Rutgers and makes them dye their field red to match bosie state's blue. I'm pretty sure cats go their for the field and to play so Rutgers could do the same. Even uconn should be pushed this way too. Also use all the assets we have like Yankee stadium the new Barclays center and all that the number one market NYC has to offer. If its war the other conferences want lets give it to them. Straight up and down.