Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The state of Black America in one clip

Readers I have stayed away from these pages for over a month because I saw something happening to me, my loyal readers and the entire sports diaspora as a matter of fact and I was putting up a fight to be the one person to rise above the fray and not lay with the fleas or be encapsulated in the abyss of blinding darkness. You are wondering to which could chase off a man like the BlackFan well to be blunt and to the point it is TIM TEBOW and all that circles the man. URRGGG! But wait I have found my vision, my Excalibur, my reason for being and it took only a little over a month to do it. I did not want to justify the man and his playing style or his religious stance or better yet his kneeling down pose - within these pages. Nope not at all. I felt that for me to have to speak on this topic would be an affront to the black man, a scar on the being of blackness, and a plight to our existence as people. Readers sometimes in life you have to let others bear the burden of carrying our mantel. I know. I know there have been many discussions, columns and articles written about this guy and his immediate rise to sainthood while the black quarterback toils in obscurity. I know. Trust me I know; but what was not in the others is what I want to explain to you or better yet show you today - in full living color. You see I knew there would come a time when the whole thing would come together - and I would not have to explain myself over several blog articles detailing and explaining what I was talking about - Now I can show you and you can see for yourself what I mean. To be crystal clear I have accepted and moved on about Mr. Tebow. Many others have Chronicled this abomination to the max. Rather I want to show you the effects of this type of slow erosion of the human spirit, the decay of the fiber of a man. What you are about to bear witness to will be shocking to some, barely noticeable by many and validation to a few. ESPN the very beast itself for which this blog was created in order to give the BlackFan a platform to speak his mind without fear of reprisal has allowed three black men to do just that without stopping their paychecks, black listing them or using their mighty power to castrate them of ideas. The results of the experiment was alarming. Since this is a two part blog I want us first watch the clip - digest what we saw and then talk about the three black men in detail. PART TWO: After looking at the clip my thoughts are as follows- 1. I was stunned to see Kordel Stewart drop his "game face" and tell it like it is. I was proud of the brother because he beared his soul in front of the cameras. A thing he has never done before. As a matter of fact maybe no other except for warren Moon has stated these facts so emotionally. I was very proud of Mr. Stewart and I hope he still has a job over at ESPN after his tirade. Jeez he even said it in the clip I will get hate mail for saying this (He means the truth and that is the sad fact here folks- you can no longer say the truth or refer to history you have to tell HIS-story and he being Tebow. Wow mental slavery in our midst in 2012) Many of you are saying come on BlackFan mental slavery come on now bro! - BUT yes the slave incarnate was in the clip in the form of Hugh Douglas. You all saw how this man tried to minimize the racial component and make it about plays and practice - yes practice as if he is a brother from another planet and then say "I am not ignorant to the racial stuff" - Bro that is the end all be all in this matter. Even the last black man, the journalist, who I am also very proud of had to remind him of the suffering and dehumanization of the black quarterback who is forced to change position because he never fit the mold of a TRADITIONAL quarterback then to have this abomination have the game changed for him is a slap in the face to every black football player because if you don't protest you agree by your silence. Furthermore, shame on you Mr. Black athlete who doesn't care enough about his fellow athlete to even keep the argument in the right field. Mr. Douglas by trying to make it a football thing only you insulted every football player/fan and black football enthusiast who had to endure seeing the numerous high school and college and even pro qualified athletes be subjected to a second standard of evaluation. Think about it this way - the NFL has spent over 30 years keeping the black quarterback out of the positions by creating numerous test, rules, conditions and qualifications (think the black codes) then when Mr. Tebow comes along the whole 30 year quarterback rule book is thrown out the window. WOW is all I can say. What do you say - Lets discuss. Exercise your right to engage in meaningful discussions - say what's on your mind - leave a comment. Here is a good article to shed some light on the matter in football terms Mr. Douglas and those like him. Shame on you dude.

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