Sunday, March 18, 2012

Loyalty in the NBA - fact or fiction

Today there is a story out by ESPN concerning Derek Fisher and the fact that he did not show up to Houston but rather will be bought out of his contract within the near future. Within the story the dark under-tones of disgruntled player, good for nothing millionaire baby, and over paid disloyal employee was within every line. as a matter of fact if you read the comments listed thereafter the commentators definitely felt that Mr. Fisher was in the wrong in every count. (read story here: I could not but help feeling that GM Mitch Kupchak felt the say way too. When asked about the situation and whether or not any notice was given to the 5 time championship winner and loyal Laker the GM was well... a GM not only in his demeanor but in his tone and attitude. Here is an exact excerpt of the article and Mr. Kupchak: "He may have caught wind of the rumor a day or two ago, but there was no heads up given," Kupchak said on Thursday. "It's not necessary, because a lot of times there's nothing to the rumors. How many times was one of our players traded in the last 10 days and it never took place? So you can't spend your time dispelling or confirming rumors. "But when something like this does happen, I can imagine what he's going through. I've never really gone through it, but to be in one place, to have the kind of contribution, midseason, it's got to be pretty emotional. We'll talk at the right time."
Where is the LOYALTY - where is the LOVE - where is the RESPECT for a man who gave is all for the Lakers every night and time in and time again he just performed. The decision by Lebron was a nightmare for him because he exercised his god given right to choose - that's right choose who he wants to work for and we remember the reaction by the Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert. It was something brutal, awful like a hurt plantation owner lamenting after his lost slave. But hey I wont go there. Now from the Lakers; who you would think would stand head and shoulders above the lesser teams given their NBA prowess and the "integrity" filled front office. But no they too act like spoiled owner's with little to no regard to the player, the person or the man. This week has been a funny one in the NBA world: first we see one player give up his bargained for ability to exercise the free market and now you see a player being roasted by the fans and GM for using opportunities that are rightfully his to exercise. The answer is simple there is no loyalty in the NBA or world for that matter - the game is centered on the business side of ticket sales and advertising of every kind. This reminds me of the 80'2 hit show Dalls with Jr. Ewing doing what he does wheeling and dealing. management can't help itself but to act this way - it is a tenant of Capitalism.
So next time a mega star uses what ever leverage he has to force a trade or make a team change don't bitch and moan but remember Mitch Kupchak who shat on one of the, if not the most loyal and distinguished men in all the NBA. Its just business its never personal. Exercise your right to engage in meaningful discussions - say what's on your mind - leave a comment.

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