Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Social Experiment With Mr. Odom

 Mark Cuban admits halftime confrontation prompted decision to dump Lamar Odom - NBA - Sporting News 

I read the attached article and then I read the comments at the bottom if the page and I got to thinking: if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its gotta be a duck right? Well maybe not. Now you guys know how black fan works - we do not take the traditional view on sports stories rather we try to go a little deeper and find sports social angles that make you think a - little. Let me state for the record that Mark Cuban was well within his rights to cut Lamar Odom or keep him whatever - he is the owner and its his money. Plus no one can argue with the fact that Mark has given Lamar a warm welcome and many chances to succeed. Thus, Mr. Odom's subsequent departure is his fault entirely. I concur. I even wrote a blog entry on these vert same pages to the effect. What I want to examine is the the reaction by the fans. The fans in the article made mention of "rich babies" and "they make all this money" and things of the like. We have been hearing these kinds of sentiments before. We heard them during the lock out, when any type of altercation occurs on or off the court and we heard this type of talk in other forums most notably right now when the topic of conversations turns to taxes, politics or the most hated word in American parlance welfare. The notion of entitlement have been thrown around with reckless abandon as of late. But entitlement seems to be good for some and bad for others. For example, when Mr. Romney is asked about his taxes, all be it that he has committed no crime and is acting lawful,he hides behind the vail of entitlement. The line that got the biggest reaction from the crowd is that I will not apologize for being successful. I agree totally. Why is that any pro athlete should apologize for being successful as well. As a matter of fact currently Drew Brees is without a contract and is in the midst of a potential contract holdout. (watch the video) This video gives you the insight in the Drew Brees contract situation and pending holdout. Here is another link regarding Mr. Brees and please make a note of the comments following this article. Here is another football player who held out for money - Deshawn Jackson. Please take a look at this video and read the comments afterwards. link to comments:

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Now I fully understand that in my prior example i looked at a contract dispute between a quarterback and a football team and in the other example I used a wide receiver and a football team. I know that is a huge difference but hey since that is the only difference it shouldn't matter right?